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MASCC Affiliates

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We’re creating a global network of supportive care organizations to improve the experiences of patients with cancer worldwide.

MASCC’s affiliate program strengthens our relationships with national associations of supportive care in cancer around the world. These partnerships help promote supportive care at the local level, tailored to each nation’s particular needs, resources, and context.

Why Become a MASCC Affiliate?

Joining MASCC’s affiliate program can help grow your membership, expand your reach, amplify your messages, and increase the profile of supportive care in cancer in your country. If you belong to a national-level organization focused on supportive care in cancer, contact our office at for more information about becoming a MASCC affiliate.

If there’s currently no national-level supportive care organization in your country, why not start one? Contact our office at for information on getting started.

How Are MASCC Affiliates Different From Professional Partnerships?

MASCC affiliates are national-level organizations focused exclusively on supportive care in cancer. MASCC affiliates have a close and interlinked relationship with MASCC.

We also have a number of professional partnerships with global oncology organizations with whom we work together on shared projects and initiatives. If your organization is interested in partnering with MASCC, please contact for more information.

Our MASCC Affiliates: