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Every patient with cancer needs supportive care

MASCC is Supportive Care in Cancer

Our mission is to continually improve the supportive care of people with cancer – from diagnosis through to survival or end-of-life care.

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What is Supportive
Care in Cancer?

Supportive care in cancer is the prevention and management of the adverse effects of cancer and its treatment. This includes management of physical and psychological symptoms and side effects across the continuum of the cancer experience from diagnosis through treatment to post-treatment care. 

Supportive care aims to improve the quality of rehabilitation, secondary cancer prevention, survivorship, and end-of-life care.

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Interdisciplinary Supportive Care Resources

Prof Dorothy Keefe, MD (2022)
MASCC is the most important society to which I belong. It is welcoming, multi-disciplinary, truly international, nurturing and career-building.
Lorraine Drapek, DNP FNP-BC AOCNP (2022)
MASCC is the most worthwhile membership I have of any oncology organization. The available guidelines are something I can use daily in practice.
Dr Nasreen Muhammad Saleem (2022)
MASCC provides outstanding resources for supportive care in cancer. Access to the guidelines and journal is very helpful to keep abreast with advancements in the field.
Bella Van Sebille (2022)
Being a MASCC member has opened many opportunities for me to collaborate with leaders and like-minded physicians and researchers from around the world.
Christopher Rao (2022)
I am proud to be a member of this world-class organization and support its continued expansion.

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  • Get free online access to our flagship journal, Supportive Care in Cancer.

  • Get discounted registration to the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting, the pre-eminent international conference on supportive care in cancer.

  • Collaborate and network with global experts through participation in up to three study groups.

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