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Stephen Samuel, MPT, PhD


Leorey N. Saligan, PhD, RN

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Mission and Goals

The primary purpose of the Fatigue Study Group is research. The group’s goal is to conduct multidisciplinary pilot studies, initially at 1 to 3 institutions. Studies might address any of the following:

(1) basic science on fatigue mechanisms, using animal models or laboratory settings;

(2) translational studies, not only of basic science findings, but also of evidence-based guidelines;

(3) aspects of fatigue in relation to the healthcare spectrum, including prevention, screening, detection, treatment, rehabilitation, survivorship, late effects, and palliative or end-of-life care;

(4) collaborative work, focusing on fatigue, with other MASCC study groups.

A secondary purpose of the Fatigue Study Group is education. The group serves as a resource for MASCC and its members on cancer-related fatigue. This might involve identifying speakers and topics for scientific and plenary sessions at MASCC meetings, submitting publications to Supportive Care in Cancer, and providing information for the MASCC website on fatigue presentations, posters, resources, and Fatigue Study Group activities.

MASCC is the most important society to which I belong. It is welcoming, multi-disciplinary, truly international, nurturing and career-building.
Prof Dorothy Keefe, MD (2022)