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We Are Launching a New MASCC Foundation Emerging Leaders Scholarship to Support Early Career Researchers

We are working towards a world where all people with cancer receive the best possible supportive care.

Supportive care in cancer is the prevention and management of the adverse effects of cancer and its treatment. This includes management of both physical and psychological symptoms and side effects which can occur across the continuum of the cancer journey from diagnosis, through treatment, to post-treatment care. Supportive care aims to improve the quality of rehabilitation, secondary cancer prevention, survivorship, and end-of-life care.

While great advances have been made in supportive care over the past decades, there are many areas where research is still urgently needed. As of 2021/2022, 86% of people with cancer experience at least one symptom related to their cancer and treatment. Unfortunately, the majority of cancer survivors continue to experience symptoms even 10 or more years post-diagnosis.*

While there is much promising research being conducted, there is currently a lack of scholarships available to support emerging leaders working specifically in aspects of supportive care in cancer.

For that reason, the MASCC Foundation has set the goal to raise up to $25,000 to fund a new Emerging Leaders Scholarship to specifically support early-career researchers.

This scholarship will award $5,000 each to five early-career researchers working on promising research in supportive care. Each scholarship recipient will pursue a research project under the guidance of an experienced mentor, culminating in a publication of value to the supportive care community.

Your contribution will help fund the future of supportive care research. Together, we can help make excellent cancer care possible.

*Sources: NCSS June 2021 State of Survivorship Survey, NCSS State of Survivorship Survey 2022

Progress to Date

Goal: $25,000

How to Donate

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