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MASCC has a long-standing tradition of offering a variety of awards and scholarships in order to recognize outstanding achievement, increase accessibility to the Annual Meeting, and promote the work of new and experienced researchers.


We encourage all abstract submitters to consider applying for an award or scholarship.

Overall Award & Scholarship Policy

  • In a single year, a recipient is eligible to receive a maximum of one (1) award or scholarship.
  • Previous recipients are not eligible to receive the same award again.
  • Applicants of a Young Investigator Award (YIA) are not eligible for the Steven M. Grunberg Memorial Award.

Distinguished Service Award (DSA)

The MASCC Distinguished Service Award (DSA) recognizes meritorious service and outstanding contributions to the MASCC and its mission. Award recipients are nominated by their peers and should demonstrate exemplary leadership and accomplishments in research, education, and/or clinical supportive cancer care. The award is presented each year at the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting.

Young Investigator Awards (YIA)

Every year, MASCC presents the Young Investigator Award (YIA) to recognize outstanding new-to-the-field investigators’ research accomplishments. The award is open to all junior investigators who have submitted an abstract to an upcoming MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting. YIAs are awarded to the first authors of the five abstracts with the highest scores. These abstracts are chosen from the top 10 percent of all abstracts submitted to the Annual Meeting. Each applicant may only submit one abstract for the YIA, and applicants to this award will not be eligible for the Steven M. Grunberg Memorial Award.

AICSO-MASCC Young Investigator Awards (YIA)

Associação de Investigação de Cuidados de Suporteem Oncologia (AICSO) an affiliate of MASCC, presents an AICSO-MASCC Young Investigator Award (YIA) to help young investigators, who are working on projects related to supportive care in oncology, to present their work at the international congress. Please note that candidates must have an affiliation to a Portuguese institution. Applicants of the AICSO-MASCC Young Investigator Award (YIA) will not be eligible for the Steven M. Grunberg award.

Conference Scholarships

MASCC is committed to increasing attendance of oncology healthcare professionals from low-income countries at its Annual Meetings. MASCC provides a limited number of scholarships for this purpose in cases where attendance would not be possible without financial assistance.

This scholarship is given to oncology healthcare professionals whose practice and/or research focuses on supportive care in cancer, such as physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dental hygienists, and psychologists. Qualified applicants must affirm their inability to attend the meeting without scholarship funds.

In order to be eligible for a scholarship award, applicants must first submit by the abstract deadline for Conference Scholarships (earlier than the Regular deadline). The award application process follows initial abstract submission.

Cynthia N. Rittenberg Award in Nursing Excellence

MASCC is committed to recognizing outstanding oncology nurses. The recipient of the Cynthia N. Rittenberg Award in Nursing Excellence will be selected from the top five abstracts submitted by an oncology nurse who is a MASCC member.

Steven M. Grunberg Memorial Award

The Steven M. Grunberg Memorial Award recognizes excellent scientific achievement in the field of supportive care in cancer by an individual MASCC member. The honor is awarded to the author of the highest-ranking abstract submitted to the Annual Meeting. This award is presented at the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting and the recipient delivers the annual Steven M. Grunberg Lecture. Applicants of a Young Investigator Award (YIA) are not eligible for the Steven M. Grunberg Award.

Outstanding Study Group and Study Group Leader Awards

The Outstanding Study Group Award is designed to recognize a study group’s excellence and achievement in promoting, activating, and executing activity within the study group. This could be one or more research or educational projects that further the aims of MASCC with respect to a particular study group’s interests. The Outstanding Study Group Leader Award will recognize the efforts of the principal driver of the main project that led to the study group’s recognition and award. These awards will be determined by a vote of the MASCC Executive Committee

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