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Cancer care encompasses a multitude of aspects and the supportive care plays a central role. Because supportive care encompasses all aspects of care, it involves a variety of disciplines and specialists. Associação de Investigação de Cuidados de Suporte em Oncologia (AICSO) is the Portuguese affiliate of MASCC. This award is intended to promote the divulgation of research in any area of supportive care in cancer that has been carried on in Portuguese institutions at the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting.

I. Purpose

The aim of this award is to help young investigators, who are working on projects related to supportive care in oncology, to present their work at the international congress. The award will have an annual edition.

II. Scope

All works must be carried out on supportive care in cancer. Any area of work can apply.

III. Award

The award consists of three prizes. Each prize comprises:

  • The acceptance of the abstract for presentation at MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting;
  • Abstract publication at Supportive Care in Cancer journal;
  • Registration at MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting;
  • MASCC membership for one year (with online journal only);
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting.

The first prize will be orally presented in a MASCC session.

IV. Eligibility

  • Candidates must be in training, or out of training for no more than seven (7) years. Candidates who have career disruptions are still eligible provided they have been out of training for no more than 7 years full-time equivalent. Training is defined as any clinical or post-graduate training;
  • Candidates must have an affiliation to a Portuguese institution;
  • Candidates may be from any profession;
  • Candidates must submit an abstract as first author to the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting;
  • Candidates must have primarily conducted the research presented in the abstract;
  • Candidates must be able to present their abstract at the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting. If a candidate is unable to be present at the MASCC Annual Meeting, then the award is forfeited;
  • Candidates who have previously been awarded an AICSO-MASCC Young Investigator Award are ineligible to reapply;
  • Candidates cannot be from the social committees of AICSO;
  • Even if unsuccessful for the Portuguese award, applicants will still be considered for e-poster or oral presentations in the standard way.
  • Applicants of the AICSO-MASCC YIA are not eligible to receive the Steven M. Grunberg Award.


I. Application Process

  • Submission should follow MASCC guidelines;
  • Submission is made through the MASCC platform, respecting the MASCC timelines for regular abstract submission;
  • During the submission process the candidate should tick “Would like to be considered for Portuguese Early Career Professional Award”;
  • The candidate should be the submitting author;
  • Each candidate can submit up to two abstracts as first author. Both abstracts can be considered for the award;
  • Candidates can co-authorship other abstracts (no number limit), but they won’t be considered for the award.

II. Guidelines for Abstract Submission

  • MASCC guidelines for abstract submission should be followed and it can be found here
  • All notifications regarding abstract status, including notifications regarding abstract submission, abstract acceptance and scheduling, will be sent to the submitting/corresponding author. The submitting/corresponding author will be responsible for informing the other co-authors about the status of the abstract;
  • The AICSO-MASCC YOUNG INVESTIGATOR AWARD Scientific Committee will determine acceptance;
  • The submitting author must attend the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting and present the abstract to ensure that the abstract is included in the Scientific Program;
  • Abstracts not winning the award are still evaluable for the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting.

III. Abstract Evaluation and Selection Criteria

  • All abstracts whose authors ticked for AICSO-MASCC Young Investigator Award (Portuguese Early Career Professional Award) will be evaluated for the award;
  • Abstracts are collected by MASCC and sent to AICSO to be distributed to the AICSO Scientific Committee;
  • An independent scientific committee will be formed by supportive care in cancer experts;
  • The scientific committee is blind to the author and his/her affiliation;
  • Each work will be evaluated by 5 experts. A global evaluation will decide if the abstract is qualified for the award. Then each jury will classify from 1-5 each abstract in terms of originality, theoretical framework, clinical practice pertinence, scientific accuracy, coherence of results and conclusions, clarity of the content. The jury cannot evaluate projects in which he/she has been involved. The final quotation is the sum of all individual criteria from each jury. A final score between 30-150 will be obtained. The three works with the highest score will be the winners. In case there is a tie, the tiebreak criteria will be: first, the sum of the results for clinical practice pertinence, scientific accuracy and originality; second, the jury decision on which of the tied concurrent should be awarded.

IV. Results Communication

  • Results will be published by late March 2022;
  • From the 1st to the 5th of April 2022 the winners will be contacted by AICSO and asked for prize acceptance. The limit for this acceptance is 10th of April 2022;
  • Upon acceptance an agreement between AICSO and the winner will be celebrated;
  • AICSO will pay the early registration fee for the winners;
  • AICSO will pay the membership for one year (with online journal only) for the winners from May 2022 onward;
  • Accommodation will be booked for 3 nights by AICSO at the MASCC designated hotel over the MASCC/ISOO 2022 Annual Meeting dates;
  • Travel should be booked by the winners. Travel should be in economy class. AICSO will reimburse the winner to a maximum of 1000 euros upon the reception of the original invoices (scanned and emailed to or The invoices should be sent to AICSO in the 30-day period after the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting with the certificate of attendance scanned;
  • If the winner does not attend the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting to present their work, the winner will be obliged to refund AICSO with the values due to registration in a 2 months period and one year MASCC membership will be cancelled.

For more information or questions regarding this award, please contact