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Emerging Toxicities

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Hope Rugo


Hope Rugo, MD, FASCO


Christina Ruhlmann,

Mission and Goals

The MASCC Emerging Toxicities Study Group focuses on acute and late toxicities that are appearing with newer classes of treatment modalities including (but not limited to) targeted therapies, antibody drug conjugates, immunotherapeutics, as well as novel radiation and surgical techniques. The Study Group will develop initiatives, guidelines, and studies to address this new area of supportive care.

The mission of the Emerging Toxicities Study Group is to:

  • Characterize toxicities from emerging agents and established targeted and novel agents
  • Identify risk factors for these novel toxicities
  • Identify potential risk mitigation and treatment strategies
  • Work with international guidelines to incorporate these factors into patient management.

How to Join

To join a study group, you must be a MASCC member. Members can belong to up to three study groups.