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Sriram Yennu, MD

Vice Chair

Yogesh Bendale, MD

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Mission and Goals

The Geriatrics Study Group will promote and collaboratively support the inclusion of a geriatric oncology focus within MASCC with the overall goal of enhancing best practices in cancer supportive clinical care. Our goals are the following:

  • To function independently and collaboratively within MASCC with regard to the identification and resolution of geriatric oncology-centered cancer supportive care issues;
  • To serve as an expertise resource for MASCC study groups and the MASCC leadership;
  • To foster the understanding and appreciation of the underlying principles of geriatrics-focused cancer supportive care;
  • To promote enhanced communication and potential collaboration with external professional societies that have, or might develop, a focus on geriatric oncology supportive care;
  • To advocate for the inclusion of geriatric oncology-centered supportive care research into the universal comprehensive cancer care research agenda; and
  • To establish guidelines for the management of cancer-treatment complications that affect the geriatric oncology population.
MASCC is the most important society to which I belong. It is welcoming, multi-disciplinary, truly international, nurturing and career-building.
Prof Dorothy Keefe, MD (2022)


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