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MASCC Board Nominations

Criteria for Development of the Ballot by the Nominating Committee

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Each nominee to be listed on the ballot:

  • Must have held and paid their MASCC membership for a minimum of two years immediately preceding induction into office as a Board member.
  • Must have consistently demonstrated evidence of commitment to the MASCC mission and activities in recent years. This evidence can have been provided in the Potential Candidate Form submitted to the Governance & Nominations Committee, or via knowledge of the candidate on the part of Committee members. Examples of this evidence include but are not limited to the following contributions:
    • Leadership on MASCC-related projects (e.g., new initiatives, committees, projects led, guidelines, publications etc)
    • Service and/or leadership on a MASCC committee with evidence of contributions
    • Leadership or other involvement in a study group
    • Attendance at MASCC international meetings
    • Submission of abstracts to the Annual Meeting
    • Submission of manuscripts to the MASCC journal
    • Active involvement in raising funds for the MASCC association
    • Actively involvement in linking with other professional organizations that promote missions consistent with MASCC’s mission
    • Advocating for MASCC
  • Must have demonstrated contributions to research, education and/or cancer patient care associated with advancement of cancer supportive care, including but not limited to publications in journals, presentations at meetings, and/or participation in patient/caregiver educational venues.

Individuals fulfilling the above criteria will then be considered for nomination based on the following additional parameters:

  • Potential scope of contribution to MASCC/ISOO based on the mission and vision of the organization
  • Professional background and experience
  • Geographic location
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

MASCC encourages members from diverse backgrounds to consider applying for this opportunity. MASCC is committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment of mutual respect regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, language, race, marital status, religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, or disabilities. Reasonable accommodation for applicants with disabilities may be provided to support participation in the nomination process when requested. We also encourage nominations from members in low- and middle- income countries, as well as younger members and emerging leaders from around the world.