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MASCC Press, Communications, and Media Relations Policy

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MASCC encourages members and non-member organizations/individuals to share the association’s work and awards. We appreciate you sharing MASCC-related news and information – all in the name of supporting research and education in supportive cancer care.   

In order to maintain accuracy and consistency, MASCC asks that organizations/individuals sharing any MASCC-related or MASCC-produced news and information to follow this policy: 

  • Communicate any MASCC awards, publications, and announcements after MASCC has officially announced or published the information (that way we always ensure all involved have been formally notified before news comes out)
  • When issuing press releases and speaking to reporters, editors and analysts, please note that your comments reflect your own views, not necessarily those of MASCC.  Discuss only work that has already been officially announced by MASCC
  • Be accurate, taking care to reference the correct and complete name of any relevant MASCC committees, standards, or specifications, as indicated in related communications, from MASCC’s own announcements/publications and MASCC’s website
  • Any press release regarding MASCC information/announcements should include a link to MASCC’s website –         
  • Any press release issued by a MASCC member or other third party that mentions MASCC and/or MASCC committees, study groups, or MASCC programs should be submitted to for review at least four business days prior to distribution, where practical. This advance notification ensures that MASCC staff will be able to fact check specific references to MASCC work and respond positively to any press or analyst inquiries received in connection with the announcement.  Where the release date is difficult to predict, the MASCC office would appreciate the notification of expected activity. 

We’re here to help facilitate any of your MASCC-related publication/promotional needs.  For more information or clarification on any aspects of this policy, please email us at