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Congratulations to Our MASCC Fellowship Recipients

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Congratulations to Our MASCC Fellowship Recipients

Dr Oluwaseyifunmi Andi Agbejule
PhD. B.Rad.Ther.
Flinders University, Australia

MASCC Fatigue Fellow

Dr Andi Agbejule has a Bachelor in Radiation Therapy, prior to completing her PhD in cancer-related fatigue self-management support. During her PhD, Andi created a MASCC-endorsed clinicalpractice framework for healthcare professionals to optimallysupport cancer survivors to self-manage their cancer-relatedfatigue, and has completed conversation analysis of telehealth cancer-related fatigue clinics. Andi is a now postdoctoral research fellow in cancer survivorship at Flinders University.

Dr Darren Haywood PhD.
B.Psych (Hons).
University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia

MASCC Cognition Fellow

Dr Darren Haywood has a Bachelor in Psychology with Honours, and completed his PhD in neurocognitive performance underlying psychopathology. He is now also conducting work to quantify the challenges and needs of cancer survivors with persistent cancer-related cognitive impairment; creating a needs assessment tool; and exploring models of care to support people with cognition issues in cancer. Darren is a postdoctoral research fellow in cancer survivorship at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Dr Oscar Franco-Rocha
PhD. M.Ed. BSc (Nursing).
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
University of Texas, Austin, USA

MASCC Equity Fellow

Oscar has a Bachelor in Nursing and Master’s in Education, nowculminating in his PhD in Nursing. Among his many publishedpapers, he led a systematic review regarding sexual and genderminority groups with cancer and a qualitative systematic reviewregarding the psychosocial experience of LGBTQ+ people with cancer, with a mixed-method psychosocial study of sexual andgender minority people with cancer concluding soon.

Dr Ricardo Souza Evangelista Sant’Ana
PhD. MS (Oncol). BSc (Nursing).
University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil
McGill University, Canada

MASCC Equity Fellow

Ricardo has a Bachelor in Nursing, specializing in oncology nursing and human sexuality (Brazil), prior to completing a Master’s in Oncology Patient Care, culminating in his PhD in Fundamental Nursing exploring educational programs in virtual learning environments about sexuality based on sexual and gender diversity for oncology nurses.

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