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MASCC/ISOO 2022 Annual Meeting Recordings & Slides

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MASCC/ISOO 2022 Annual Meeting Recordings & Slides

Thank you to everyone who participated in the MASCC/ISOO 2022 Annual Meeting! The virtual meeting platform is now closed, but you can still access much of the content on the MASCC website.

Selected Recordings

MASCC members have access to our Education Portal, where we feature webinar recordings and a selection of recordings from our Annual Meetings.

For 2022, we have selected the following sessions to include in our Education Portal:

Plenary Sessions:

  • Burnout           
  • Digital Health                  
  • Health Disparities         

Parallel Sessions:

  • Modulating the Microbiome to Improve Adverse Events and Outcomes in Cancer (Mucositis/Oral Care)
  • Big Data to Predict Mucositis Risk and Severity (Mucositis/Oral Care)
  • Antiemetics: What’s New? (Antiemetics)
  • Precision Medicine and Cancer Supportive Care: Past, Present and Future Directions (Neurological Complications/Mucositis)
  • Why Consider Buprenorphine for Cancer-Related Pain? (Cancer Pain/Palliative Care)
  • Big Data for Small People: Leveraging Datasets to Advance Pediatric Supportive Care (Pediatrics)

Meet the Experts:

  • How Can MASCC Partner with Patients and People Affected by Cancer? 

Sponsored Sessions:

  • Meet the Experts: Cancer-Associated Thrombosis (This session is sponsored by Leo-Pharma A/S.)
  • HPV Related Disease and Cancers in Adults: Your Role in Prevention and Counselling (Made possible through the financial support of Merck Canada Inc. and that the opinions expressed are those of its authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Merck Canada Inc.)

Selected Presentation Slides

Both members and non-members can access selected presentation slide sets on the MASCC website.

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