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Serbian Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (SASCC)

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SASCC’s Vision:

  • Patient-centered and not cancer-centered oncology that treats the patient and not the diagnosis 
  • Supportive and palliative care integrated with anti-cancer approaches
  • The highest quality supportive and palliative care available to all patients with cancer from the time of diagnosis and through to survivorship or end-of life care


SASCC’s Mission:

  • Raise awareness about patients’ need to get help for cancer-related symptoms and toxicities induced by anti-cancer treatment 
  • Improve education of health-care professionals, the general public and patients and their families about the principles and practice of supportive and palliative care in cancer 
  • Promote supportive care in the Eastern Europe and the Balkan Region (EEBR) through the organization of the regional bi-annual meeting for the EEBR 
  • Improve the implementation of supportive care clinical guidelines in oncology practice and facilitate supportive care research
  • Remove regulatory barriers to optimal supportive and palliative care in cancer and improve policy 
  • Ensure availability of medicines recommended by supportive and palliative care guidelines 
  • Advocate for a patient-centered culture of care in oncology with multidisciplinary approach implemented during the whole disease trajectory
  • Create a collaborative network of local, regional and global partners (MASCC Affiliates) and work with representatives of other patient-directed disciplines (palliative care, psycho-oncology, nutrition, rehabilitation, oncofertility etc.) to foster the development of supportive care in Serbia


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President: Snežana Bošnjak
Vice-President: Snežana Šušnjar 
Secretary: Tomi Kovačević