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Patient Partner Membership

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Patient Partner members can join via the online application process. As part of your application, you will need to submit this completed form

The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer recognizes the important and critical role that Patient Partners and advocates have in helping people with cancer and their caregivers with the management of symptoms and the side effects of their treatments.

Membership Eligibility as a Patient Partner:

To qualify for “Patient Partner” status for membership, individuals must work or volunteer for a recognized cancer patient advocacy organization.

*Patient advocacy work in this context is defined as providing input to programs, services, information, and/or support for people affected by cancer. The organization should have a non-professional membership and must not offer continuing medical education (CME) or scientific programs for professionals.

NB: Applicants that qualify as both a patient partner AND healthcare professional, researcher or scientist are not eligible for this membership category.

Application Process:

When completing your registration form, please include:

  1. An outline of your role, experience, and activities as a Patient Partner (application form page 1)
  2. Details of an authorized person** to verify your role as a Patient Partner (application form page 2)

Download the application form here

Review Process:

Your submission will be reviewed, and you may be asked to provide further information to ensure that you qualify as a Patient Partner.

Annual Dues:

  • $20 (1-year membership with online access to the Supportive Care in Cancer journal)
  • $35 (2-year membership with online access to the Supportive Care in Cancer journal)

**An authorized person is a person able to support your status and contribution in capacity as a Patient Partner for the purposes of this membership application. They may include a supervisor, committee Chair, senior member of the host organization for which work is carried out, volunteer coordinator or member of the health care team.