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Julie Ryan Wolf


Julie Ryan Wolf, PhD, MPH

Corina van den Hurk


Corina van den Hurk, PhD
The Netherlands

Mission and Goals

The mission of the MASCC Oncodermatology Study Group is to develop research and management strategies for skin conditions due to cancer or anticancer drugs. Skin reactions are frequent in those affected by cancer. They can reduce quality of life and require modifications in lifesaving antineoplastic therapy. This interdisciplinary study group aims to raise awareness of dermatological conditions in cancer patients and take a leadership role in the emerging field of cancer-related skin toxicities management.

The objectives of the Oncodermatology Study Group include the following:

  • To identify new targets for the treatment of skin reactions
  • To establish guidelines for prevention and management of skin reactions
  • To contribute to patients’ knowledge of reactions and their care

Key efforts are directed toward preventive measures and early intervention as standards of care. This study group also serves as a resource for multi-center systematic reviews, clinical trials and translational studies.

How to Join

To join a study group, you must be a MASCC member. Members can belong to up to three study groups. 


Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines created by the Oncodermatology Study Group


Scientific publications from the Oncodermatology Study Group

Educational Recordings

Prevention of Acute and Persistent Dermatologic Adverse Reactions – How Can Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists and Dermatologists Work Together in Skin, Hair and Nail Toxicities?